Chemical Engineering III

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The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering: Vol 97, No 3

Abstract: The influence of the preparation conditions of the impregnation-vacuum filtration method was investigated systematically on the Ni dispersion and the activity of Ni-cordierite structured catalysts in hydrogenation of m-dinitrobenzene to m-phenylenediamine. H 2 -TPD measurement showed that the Ni dispersion has close relationship with the impregnation solution concentration of nickel nitrate, the impregnation time, the vacuum degree, the vacuum filtration time and the calcination temperature.

The hydrogenation activity test and nitrogen physisorption investigation showed that the catalytic performance of Ni-cordierite is dependent upon the Ni dispersion and the chemisorption mode of m-dinitrobenzene on Ni particles. Authors: Ping Cao, Yue Bai. Abstract: An oxide diluted magnetic semiconductor, Co doped ZnO thin film was successfully fabricated by cathodic electrodeposition method.


X-ray diffraction studies demonstrate that the ZnCoO thin film indicates that the wurtzite structure. Optical absorption spectrum further confirmed Co ions have been doped into ZnO crystal lattice successfully with substituting positions of Zn ions. In photoluminescence spectrum, the UV emission band shifted to low energy side because of the doping effect.

Abstract: Titanium Carbide TiC is a hard ceramic material with excellent tribological wear properties and high chemical stability at room temperature.

Chemical Engineering Sem 3 Subjects - Subject Credits, Important Chapters and Books

Pulse plating technique in a form of periodically interrupted potential was applied using graphite anode as the source of carbon. Though this TiC coating delaminated, its inner layer exhibited excellent adhesion to the substrate. This method can be used to prepare compact TiC coatings.

The electrochemical catalytic performance of the new modified electrode toward sulfadiazine was studied by voltammetric method. The modified electrode exhibited good catalytic performance for the electrochemical oxidation of sulfadiazine at potential of 0.

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Chemical Engineering III

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  • Your review was sent successfully and is now waiting for our team to publish it. Reviews 0. Chemical Engineering focuses on the application of engineering principles to the design, construction and operation of industrial processing plants. A chemical engineer generally works at any industrial processing plant such as those dealing with petrochemicals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, food processing and other related industries.


    The job involves supervision of plant operation and maintenance, troubleshooting operational problems related to process, and undertaking plant modification work for process operability and safety improvement. In addition to the above, at the end of their studies a student will have the opportunity to take special topics in one of these selected areas of interest:. Engineering students who are interested to enhance their knowledge in management and business will have the option to complete courses offered under Minor.

    There are four Minor packages available to Engineering students as follows:. In order to be eligible for Minor, students are required to pass and complete all the courses under the same package 15 credits. All Rights Reserved.

    Chemical Engineering III Chemical Engineering III
    Chemical Engineering III Chemical Engineering III
    Chemical Engineering III Chemical Engineering III
    Chemical Engineering III Chemical Engineering III
    Chemical Engineering III Chemical Engineering III
    Chemical Engineering III Chemical Engineering III
    Chemical Engineering III Chemical Engineering III

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