Optimizing applications on Cisco networks

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3.1 The Cisco Vision

So not only do we need to think about our networks, but the Internet performance as well. Why are applications slower in one site than another?

Optimize Performance

Why are some users calling the support desk while others are not? Why are some of our WAN links congested while others are as expected or planned? In a world where more apps are moving to the cloud, and mobility and video is on the rise, these questions will get more difficult to address. Better yet, it can provide the control, optimization and security, too.

Optimize Application Performance - Cisco Video Portal

In my last blog I shared how Transport Independent designs and Intelligent Path Control can solve some of our challenges in leveraging the Internet as a viable WAN transport alternative. Cisco IWAN also addresses the needs of the new business models that require the digitization of the enterprise, which results in more bandwidth-intensive, latency-sensitive applications such as video. The IWAN architecture helps enterprises take the initial steps to streamlining WAN traffic through three key application-optimization attributes:. IWAN solves this challenge by providing comprehensive Layer 7 application-level visibility and control that uses technologies such as deep packet inspection.

This network service helps ensure the WAN is carved up intelligently and that each application receives the proper access priority. As is the case with QoS, the visibility provided by Cisco IWAN allows enterprises to steer traffic intelligently based on the measured performance of the network rather than just server reachability. But with intelligent path control, enterprises can keep both pipes active at the same time to increase capacity.

Low-cost Internet circuits can be used because Cisco PfR helps ensure the links meet the requirements of any of the applications sent over the links. These application-optimization capabilities deliver value because although bandwidth costs do tend to decrease over time, the rapid growth in traffic still accelerates bandwidth needs that exceed many corporate budgets.

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QoS and path control alone cannot solve the challenges of application traffic bursts and latency problems. If there are constraints, such as a brownout, enterprises also need to prioritize their traffic with the limited bandwidth capacity they already have.

3.1 The Cisco Vision

End users will think T1 links perform just as well as 10 Mbps cable circuits or that IT has brought the application back to their local branch office. Some end users may even think IT has upgraded the circuit bandwidth.

https://en.megastroi.eu/includes/2020-08-29/zo-cougar-dating-sverige.php Instead of buying point solutions reactively to overcome application problems for the short term, IWAN allows enterprises to proactively plan ahead for new applications and unexpected usage spikes. Cisco WAAS Layer 7 optimizations provide latency-mitigation techniques to chatty applications such as the ones listed previously.

Some of these techniques include prefetching data ahead of client requests; asynchronously acknowledging packets to allow the clients and servers to continue sending data; and providing server responses locally to certain client requests. The protocols also invoke local client responses instead of waiting for the origin server to respond.

Optimize Application Performance

Through Akamai Connect services, HTTP content from the corporate network or Internet can be locally cached for additional users accessing the same content. Providing local HTTP caching generates benefits across several use cases:. Traditional traffic and application-specific WAN optimization require a dual-ended solution with traffic flowing between WAN optimization devices at each branch office and the data center.

Local caching thus plays a key role as HTTP traffic volume, from public and private clouds, keeps increasing on the enterprise network. The WAAS Central Manager can be hosted on a virtual machine running on a generic server or an actual hardware appliance, typically hosted at the data center. The WCM allows IT to bring new WAAS devices physical, virtual, and integrated into the network through a single point of management to allow for consistent policies across the enterprise. IT can easily apply changes as well as manage and monitor thousands of devices from one location.

Cisco AppNav technology enables customers to virtualize WAN optimization resources in the data center and in the branch office by pooling them into one elastic resource—in a manner that is policy-based and on-demand with the best available scalability and performance. Enterprises can use Cisco AppNav to scale their application optimization capabilities within the IWAN architecture without sacrificing performance and without adding to the operational complexity.

WAN Optimization

The solution provides a clustering mechanism that can address the network resiliency that highly available business services need. Cisco AppNav also natively addresses the challenges posed by today's multipath WAN architectures, which may cause directional asymmetry of user traffic. The solution can also apply flexible and intelligent policies to address the dynamic needs of WAN optimization.

These policies can distribute user traffic flows based on business constructs such as application or remote location and deploy new groups of Cisco WAAS devices on-demand or based on dynamic load feedback from active Cisco WAAS devices. For example, IT can dedicate specific WAAS devices to handle only specific business-critical applications while allocating other devices for noncritical applications.

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IT thus gains more granular control over how the application traffic is distributed without sacrificing or interrupting application performance. Featured products:. Cisco's multi-cloud data center constantly learns, adapts, and protects while optimizing app performance and user experience, helping to eliminate risk. Unify compute, storage, and networking to simplify and speed up deployment.

Automate IT tasks, accelerate apps deployments, and optimize your processes. Helps organizations accelerate application deployment and delivery, dramatically reducing IT costs through policy-enabled work-flow automation.

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Wireless and Mobility. Data Center and Hybrid Cloud.

Optimizing applications on Cisco networks Optimizing applications on Cisco networks
Optimizing applications on Cisco networks Optimizing applications on Cisco networks
Optimizing applications on Cisco networks Optimizing applications on Cisco networks
Optimizing applications on Cisco networks Optimizing applications on Cisco networks
Optimizing applications on Cisco networks Optimizing applications on Cisco networks
Optimizing applications on Cisco networks Optimizing applications on Cisco networks
Optimizing applications on Cisco networks Optimizing applications on Cisco networks

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