The Owl Killers

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The Owl Killers by Karen Maitland | Waterstones

In , the English town of Ulewic teeters between survival and destruction, faith and doubt, God and demons. Against this intense backdrop, a group of women have formed a beguinage, a self-sustaining community of women. Led by the strong-willed Servant Martha, these women are committed to a code of celibacy and prayer, hard work and charity that is unsanctioned by the all-powerful church.

Still, the villagers have come to rely on this remarkable group of women for their very lives. Men cloaked in masks and secrecy, ruling with violence and intimidation—the Owl Killers draw battle lines. In this village ravaged by flood and disease, the women of the beguinage must draw upon their deepest strength if they are to overcome the raging storm of long-held secrets and shattering lies.

Karen Maitland has a doctorate in psycholinguistics.

The Owl Killers – Karen Maitland

She has traveled and worked in many parts of the world, from the Arctic Circle to Africa, before finally settling in the medieval city of Lincoln in England. The Owl Killers is absolutely her best so far. Read An Excerpt.

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Also by Karen Maitland. See all books by Karen Maitland. England Deep in the heart of the countryside lies an isolated village governed by a sinister regime of Owl Masters.

Theirs is a pagan world of terror and blackmail, where neighbour denounces neighbour, and sin is punishable by murder. This dark status quo is disturbed by the arrival of a house of religious women, who establish a community outside the village.

The Owl Killers

Why do their crops succeed when village crops fail, their cattle survive despite the plague? What magic is this?

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Or is the martyr now a saint, and the host a holy relic? Accusations of witchcraft and heresy run rife, while the Owl Masters rain down hellfire and torment on the women, who must look to their faith to save them from the lengthening shadow of evil… a shadow with predatory, terrifying talons.

The Owl Killers The Owl Killers
The Owl Killers The Owl Killers
The Owl Killers The Owl Killers
The Owl Killers The Owl Killers
The Owl Killers The Owl Killers
The Owl Killers The Owl Killers
The Owl Killers The Owl Killers

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