US Marine Corps 1941-1945

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Employing a wide range of archive black and white photographs, George Forty examines the US Marine Corps' organisation and command structure, strategy, tactics and amphibious assault doctrine. As well as providing brief biographies of its most important and influential figures, from senior commanders to Medal of Honour recipients, he surveys insignia, uniforms and personal equipment to provide a complete portrait of the US Marine Corps at war.

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US Marine Corps Handbook 1941-1945

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Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews Write a review. Tell us if something is incorrect. Book Format: Choose an option. Following distinguished service in France in the First World War, the Marine Corps began to develop in earnest the doctrine, equipment, and organisation.

General returns, Certificate books containing service information, , with gaps. Related Records: National Archives maintains security copy of microfilm of muster rolls, 4, rolls. Muster rolls for exist only on microfilm. Textual Records: Letters sent, Press copies of letters sent, , Letters received, Textual Records: Letters sent, , , , Press copies of letters sent, , with registers, , Letters received, , with gaps; and registers, Letters sent and received, , chiefly General correspondence, , with indexes, , and filing guides, Textual Records: Administrative directives and related manuals, in Kansas City.

Finding Aids: Fred G. Reports, 68, Sergeant of the Guard daily reports, Records of courts-martial, Rifle range qualification data, Conduct record book, Muster books, Log book of government property entering or leaving Washington Barracks, Record book of discharged and deserted personnel, Order book, Clothing and supply requisition records, Note: Additional records described below are candidates for transfer to regional archives.

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Please consult the National Archives to determine current locations. Textual Records: Records of the Marine Barracks, Boston Charlestown , MA in Boston , consisting of letters sent, , with gaps; letters received, ; orders, ; muster rolls, , with gaps; reports, , ; and records of summary courts-martial, Records of the Marine Barracks, New York, NY, consisting of letters sent, ; and size rolls and clothing returns, Records of the Marine Barracks, Norfolk, VA in Philadelphia , consisting of letters sent by the commanding officer, , with gaps; and reports, Records of the Marine Barracks, Philadelphia, PA in Philadelphia , consisting of letters sent, ; orders, , ; register of letters received, ; muster rolls, ; requisitions, ; and reports, , 77, Records of the Marine Barracks, Portsmouth, NH in Boston , consisting of reports, , ; descriptive lists of marines joining the barracks, ; and muster roll of officers and enlisted man, Textual Records: General correspondence, , ; and intelligence reports, , of the Gendarmerie d'Haiti and Garde d'Haiti.

Special correspondence, ; general correspondence, ; reports relating to operations in Haiti and Santo Domingo, ; and selected subject files, , of the Chief of the Gendarmerie. Correspondence, ; and a biographical file, , of the Office of the Chief of Police. General correspondence, , ; selected subject correspondence, ; condition estimates and inspection reports, ; patrol reports, ; and daily reports of guard mounts, , of the 1st Marine Brigade.

Copies of the newspaper Le Moniteur , Port-au-Prince, Guardia Nacional correspondence relating to civilian complaints, District of Matagalpa, , and to bandit prisoners, Intelligence reports and other Guardia Nacional records, District of Leon, General correspondence, intelligence reports, and patrol reports, 2d Marine Brigade, ; and correspondence of the brigade Intelligence Office B-2 , , and Operations Office B-3 , Intelligence reports, , and other records, , of the 5th Marine Regiment; and records of its 1st and 3d Battalions, Reports from Marine units in Nicaragua, Textual Records: Records of detachments aboard coastal vessels in Florida, , and aboard U.

Preble , Records of the marine guard on U. Guerriere , Letters sent and received by the marine guard at the Paris Exposition, Records of U. Marines in Cuba, , , Letters sent and received, Marine Provisional Battalion, U. Dixie , Morning reports of the Panama Battalion, Records of Marine Corps companies, Guam, General correspondence of the marine detachment at the American legation in Peiping, Thomas, VI, Textual Records: Records of Fleet Marine Force, Pacific, including general correspondence, ; and "geographical" operation file "Area File" , Geographical and subject files of the 2d Brigade, Fleet Marine Force, General correspondence, 1st-6th Marine Divisions, Organization records of ground combat units, Correspondence and reports of Headquarters, 2d Marine Division, Correspondence of the 1st, 3d, and 10th Marine Defense Battalions, Issuances, , and correspondence, 19, of the 5th Marine Regiment.

Administrative records of the 1st Marine Aircraft Wing, Aircraft action reports of the 1st Marine Aircraft Wing, Records of the 2d Marine Aircraft Wing, consisting of correspondence and reports, ; and administrative file, issuances, and miscellaneous personnel reports, Maps: World War I published topographic maps of France and Germany, annotated to show operations of the 4th Marine Infantry Brigade, items.

Airfields in the Western Pacific Ocean, 1 item. Marine Corps School maps of the Battle of Gettysburg, 1 item. Strategic map of the Pacific Ocean, 1 item.

US Marine Corps 1941-1945 US Marine Corps 1941-1945
US Marine Corps 1941-1945 US Marine Corps 1941-1945
US Marine Corps 1941-1945 US Marine Corps 1941-1945
US Marine Corps 1941-1945 US Marine Corps 1941-1945
US Marine Corps 1941-1945 US Marine Corps 1941-1945

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